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At Headway Bedford

We’re passionate about aiding your recovery and rehabilitation. We fully recognise the value of delivering a team-based approach to dealing with brain injury, but we never lose sight of the part you need to play in your own recovery.

We promise to always go the extra mile to give you as much support and guidance as possible to achieve your goals.

People in a meeting

In return, we expect you to:

  • Participate with us in an open and positive way
  • Work with us to establish your own personal areas of difficulty, and work with us to identify the right solutions
  • Take a positive approach in working towards your goals

Your first day at Headway Bedford – find out what to expect

You will have your own personal needs and your own individual journey following your brain injury. Click here to read some examples of specific goals that past clients have achieved with the support and guidance of Headway Bedford

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