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Referring A Client

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Assessments and Reviews

If suitable, clients are initially invited to attend (normally one day a week) a further 6-week assessment period. They are allocated a key worker prior to their first visit, with any necessary referrals being made to the relevant health professionals within Headway Bedford for assessment.

At the end of the 6-week assessment period, a review is held with the client and their family members/carers to identify specific problem areas and agree tailored goals to address these problems. Clients are streamed according to their level of cognitive ability, and decisions are made in conjunction with the client regarding their specific choices from the range of services on offer.

Other professionals or agencies involved in the client’s case at the time of the review may be invited to participate in the review process if requested by the client. Regular reviews are then conducted to ensure the client is making progress towards their goals, and to maintain their placement at Headway Bedford.

Check that your client meets our client referral criteria (see below)
Print out and complete a referral form, and send it to us, clearly stating what areas you wish us to address with your client during their attendance at Headway Bedford Headway Bedford Referral Form
We will arrange an initial assessment to assess the client’s suitability and let you know the outcome.

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Client Referral Criteria

To qualify for consideration by Headway Bedford, brain injury clients must fulfil the following criteria

  • They must be over 18 years old
  • Their brain injury must have been acquired since birth, either through an injury, stroke or illness
  • There must be an absence of a co-morbid progressive illness
  • There must be a realistic expectation that progress can be made – applications can be accepted where prognosis of a progressive illness is stable

Please fill out this form and send to