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Jean (Wednesday client)

The staff and volunteers are so lovely and helpful! I enjoy the activities and mixing with other people with similar difficulties like me.

Jeanette (Family member)

The Staff have been so helpful and accommodating in regard of supporting my Mum. Great communication in keeping myself and family up to date with Jean’s progress. It’s lovely to hear Mum’s stories of the activities that she takes part in whilst in Headway’s company.

Jenny (Tuesday client)

I’m pleased to come to Headway and meet everyone. I’ve improved well and am glad to have joined you. Everyone is good and you all work hard to improve people. I feel a lot better now and have improved a lot since coming to join in with everyone. Thank you.

Gemma (Family member)

The communication between key workers and family is brilliant. Anything I’ve wanted to know about dad has always been answered quickly, very friendly staff as well.

Debbie (Wednesday client)

When I am here, I feel like I am normal. I feel free. Some of the volunteers are my friends.

Liz (Volunteer)

I have been a volunteer at Headway Bedford for nearly 12 years. I have seen many changes during that time, but it remains a fantastic facility for those with an acquired brain injury. I really enjoy being a valuable part of each client's rehabilitation and I continue to enjoy my role there!

Emma (Volunteer)

Headway is a wonderful charity which supports people with brain injuries. I volunteer weekly and I find this very rewarding and inspiring. I especially enjoy seeing the remarkable progress that our clients make.

Fiona (Family member)

Always friendly, knowledgeable, never rushed and very understanding. Thank you for the work you are about to undertake with my father.

David (Monday client)

I think HEADWAYS is the best thing sliced bread.

Viv (Volunteer)

I volunteer for headway charity twice a week. It is the most rewarding and inspiring thing I have ever done. Working with clients is a pleasure and seeing them progress is amazing. and full filling. I can honestly say headway are an amazing charity to be part of and the fantastic work they do.

Keith (Volunteer)

Volunteering at Headway is one of the highlights of my week, in particular being able to assist the clients with their recovery.

Nick (Wednesday client)

It is fandabbydozy! The volunteers are helpful, and the staff are out of this world. It’s the highlight of my week and I’m looking to come here either one or two more days.

Ali (Family member)

Headway has been a lifeline for our dad since his head injury, it has provided him with a sense of belonging and has been a key contributor to him maintaining his independence for as long as he has. The whole family is grateful for the care he has received and the friendships he has made over the years.

If you’re a current or past client, one of our volunteers, or a health professional who recommends our services, we’d love to hear what Headway Bedford means to you.

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