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Headway Bedford provides continued rehabilitation/enablement for clients living at home, where they may have received a period of rehabilitation in their homes from visiting health professionals.


Our model delivers a transition service between home and the rest of the community during which there is increased emphasis on personal choice; encouraging confidence and developing independence. The active presence of the many different types of people at the centre - staff, volunteers and other clients – enables the skills learned to be practised in a safe environment, guided and supplemented by the professional therapists and key workers.


While attending Headway, we will encourage, support and enable clients to engage in activities which help them keep focussed on increasing their ability to function purposefully in the community.


The service is a blend of services delivered by health professionals, therapists and other staff and volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and experience.  This provides clients with access to a range of diverse services under one roof to enable their recovery. There is also an educational focus which allows clients to learn new skills, including introduction to leisure opportunities such as digital photography, art and pottery.


Click here for a list of services currently on offer.


Click here to printout and complete a referral form, and send it to us, clearly stating what areas you wish us to address  at Headway Bedford. 


Volunteer with us

As we’re a registered charity, our team of willing volunteers play a crucial part in helping to deliver our wide range of services to our many brain injury clients.

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Help us to continue improving life after brain injury



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