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If you’re a current or past client, one of our volunteers, or a health professional who recommends our services, we’d love to hear what Headway Bedford means to you.

Why not write us a testimonial? Just drop us a line, and we’ll do the rest!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal address: Headway Bedford, Bedford Health Village, 3 Kimbolton Road, Bedford, MK40 2NT

Client Testimonials

“Thanks to Headway Bedford, I’m back to my old self again. Life is now as good as – if not better than – before my climbing accident in 2010. I’m now back at work full-time, training in the gym like before, and most importantly, climbing and walking in the mountains again...

I have always enjoyed a sporty lifestyle. Mountains and climbing have always played a major part in my life. In 2010, I suffered fell while climbing in the Lake District. I suffered cuts to my head, needing staples and glue, and I also had neck injuries, which caused speech and memory problems.

I felt as if my life was over – I’d gone from being a fit and active builder, training in the gym 3 nights a week and mountain climbing most weekends to doing nothing but sleeping and watching the telly.

My doctor suggested Headway Bedford. To start with, I was against the idea – I thought it was just for people who really needed help; I had no idea what they’d be able to do for me. But my friends and family were very supportive and encouraged me to give it a go, and it’s been great. They helped me to get the brain working again: I spent lots of time playing memory and maths games. I’ve never been very good with numbers, so these sessions really helped me a lot.

But best of all, they taught me to speak again.

The friendship and support of everyone at Headway Bedford has been brilliant – my special thanks go to Sam Booth, Karen Booth, and Mags O’Brien. I owe them so much.

The future looks really bright – I just want to carry on moving forward and enjoying every moment of my life, especially the sporty side, and just getting as much out of each day as I can.”

Mark, Past Client


Volunteer Testimonials

“I was a client of Headway Bedford in 2006, after suffering serious injuries in a horrific road accident. After my recovery, the team suggested volunteering, and I haven’t looked back – it’s a great feeling to give something back to the organisation that helped me to rebuild my life...

As an ex-client of Headway Bedford, volunteering with them seemed like a natural next step in my own recovery process. I started as a volunteer in late 2006, and there’s a standing joke now that after 5 years here, they can’t get rid of me!

Volunteering has given me back a feeling of usefulness, and my confidence has increased – I love helping the clients, some of whom are suffering much more than I did. It’s a hugely rewarding role, and I’m always counting my blessings.

The in-house training available at Headway Bedford is fantastic, and it’s great that volunteers can participate in this – it really makes us feel valued and appreciated.

I have also been encouraged to share my own personal story with several client groups – I could never have imagined doing this 5 years ago. Although personally painful at times, if my story will help someone else, I’m always happy to share it.

Working at Headway Bedford certainly makes you realise all the things we often take for granted, and it can really change your priorities in life. You can’t enjoy anything without your health!

The social aspect of Headway Bedford – for clients and volunteers – is brilliant too. New clients often say how friendly the atmosphere is, and that is really nice to hear.”

Carole, Past Client and Current Volunteer


“Volunteering at Headway Bedford is a pure joy and a real privilege. I’ve made lots of great friends, learned a lot about myself and gained lots of new skills. It’s wonderful to help clients with their rehabilitation and see them regaining their confidence and getting their lives back on track...

Having had a stroke at 8 days old, life has always been a bit of a struggle for me, and additional health problems have crept in as I’ve got older. But I’ve always been extremely fortunate to be on the receiving end of so much support and help throughout my life.

Back in 2006, I decided to volunteer at Headway Bedford because I felt I could relate to some of the clients’ problems and help contribute towards their rehabilitation.

The team at Headway Bedford are always friendly and welcoming, and I always feel valued and appreciated. The in-house training is excellent too!

Volunteering has literally changed my life – I have made lots of good friends, become much more confident, and learned new skills that I can use to encourage and support others who are less fortunate than me. The best thing about volunteering here is that it really makes you feel useful.”

Lance, Current Volunteer


Health Professional Testimonials

“Headway Bedford is the most amazing organisation. I’ve referred many patients over the past 7 years, and I’ve always been kept in the loop on their progress towards achieving the goals we worked together with the patient to set...”

“Every time I’ve needed to refer a patient to Headway Bedford, the staff have listened carefully and supported me in making an appropriate and timely referral. I always recommend them to clients who need support with the emotional and practical issues experienced following a stroke. They help the person to understand that they can cope outside their home setting, allowing them to grow and accept their body image issues and improve their communication skills.”

Karen, Health Professional

Volunteer with us

As we’re a registered charity, our team of willing volunteers play a crucial part in helping to deliver our wide range of services to our many brain injury clients.

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